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Pioneer SPH-DA100

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    6.4 6.4 från 100 recensenter
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    9.8 9.8 från 2 recensenter
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    10 10 från 3 recensenter
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    8.7 8.7 från 3 recensenter
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    9.8 9.8 från 2 recensenter
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  1. cable problem

    Recensent: martin dean, Amazon
    3 september 2013

    Best stereo I've ever owned. But after a few months the iphone cable started to play up. Tried to get a replacement via pioneer. As they are the only stockist of this. waited 2 months now & nothing. Just sold the car. But it makes the stereo a bit redundant. & pioneer don't do much to help. If I got a new cable I would pass it on to the new owners. But pioneer haven't received it as yet. yeah right. Pioneer appradio 3 doesn't use this cable & would be the better option. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  2. Replaced with a jvc

    Recensent: ledzepplin48, Ebay
    13 juli 2014

    Very confusing to use m and you have to have a I phone 4 ,it doesent work with a 5. The the only isn't there , and you better get a huge data plan , I used 10.000 data 2 weeks , do the math and you will want something different , it's old school xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx. Xxxxc. Xx. X. C. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  3. A pain to update!

    Recensent: ben_marko "ben_marko", Amazon
    8 mars 2014

    At first, my iPhone 5 would only play music, Pandora radio, and link to my phone for calls. Apps and video did not work, even with the lightning adapter. But I thought no big deal, Pioneer said that it was coming out with an adapter cable soon (and they did, it was $60). So I bought it but it still wouldn't display apps. I called Pioneer and they said to make sure I had all software updates installed and to call back. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

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