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Pentax Optio RZ18

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  • Användarbetyg (37)
    8.1 8.1 från 37 recensenter
  • Expertbetyg (10)
    6.1 6.1 från 10 recensenter
  • Design (2)
    7.1 7.1 från 2 recensenter
  • Prisvärdhet (3)
    9.4 9.4 från 3 recensenter
  • Funktioner (2)
    8.1 8.1 från 2 recensenter
  • Användarvänlighet (2)
    8.1 8.1 från 2 recensenter
  • Bildkvalitet (2)
    8.4 8.4 från 2 recensenter
  • Videokvalitet (3)
    9.4 9.4 från 3 recensenter
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  1. PhotographyBLOG

    12 december 2011

    At first glance you'd be mistaken for thinking that the Pentax RZ18 is just another run-of-the-mill compact camera with a standard lens, but further investigation reveals that, as the name suggests, it actually has an 18x zoom with an incredibly versatile focal range of 25-450mm. This makes it well suited to everything from wide-angle landscapes to sports and even nature photography. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  2. ePHOTOzine

    29 november 2011

    The Pentax Optio RZ18 was announced in September 2011 and is available in a range of three colours including classic black, pearl white and metallic orange, available for £169.00. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Keenly priced, Good video quality, D-lighting
    • No optical zoom when shooting videos, Noise significant at ISO 800 upwards
  3. TechRadar UK

    18 december 2012

    The camera does have some useful and effective features, such as the Dual Shake Reduction system and Dynamic Range setting, and the range of creative art filters and scene mode do produce strong effects. But for all the little things it does well, the Pentax Optio RZ18 lags behind in the fundamentals compared to some of the other cameras in its class, such as the Samsung WB700 - another 18x superzoom that even offers manual control. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  4. GadgetSpeak

    9 mars 2012

    Not slim, not sleek and the cream colour makes it look a little strange. However the important thing is image quality and here I have no complaints, in fact this ultra compact model has other features not always found with other small cameras . Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  5. expertreviews.co.uk

    17 maj 2012

    A big, sharp 18x zoom lens at an incredible price, but only consider it if you're not interested in video or low-light photography Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  • Användarrecensioner

  1. Terrible picture quality, fell apart quickly, died completely.

    Recensent: jane.doe, Amazon
    25 juli 2013

    I got this camera new a year and a half ago. At first I was pleased with the pictures I took outside with sunlight. Then I tried taking them indoors, or at low light points of the day and was majorly disappointed. Just beyond the starter warranty it came with, 6 months I think, the cover for the battery and memory card snapped off. I didn't drop it, I just took the battery out and that was it. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  2. Cnet.co.uk

    Recensent: Charles Dobson, Cnet.co.uk
    17 september 2012

    When I first got the camera I was seduced by the fantastic zoom, the niggle I had about the general feel and build quality of the camera was put to one side. After a few weeks of light use however my initial worries came back to haunt me. The camera wouldn't turn on properly, the lens would come out part way then the camera would turn off and the lens would instantly retract. I sent the camera back to the manufacturer under warranty and their response has been very poor. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • The Zoom
    • Build Quality and Support
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