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Samsung WB150

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  • Användarbetyg (820)
    8.5 8.5 från 820 recensenter
  • Expertbetyg (21)
    6.8 6.8 från 21 recensenter
  • Prisvärdhet (29)
    8.0 8.0 från 29 recensenter
  • Användarvänlighet (4)
    7.8 7.8 från 4 recensenter
  • Bildkvalitet (5)
    6.5 6.5 från 5 recensenter
  • Hållbarhet (2)
    7.8 7.8 från 2 recensenter
  • Kvalitet (4)
    6.8 6.8 från 4 recensenter
  • Utseende (2)
    8.8 8.8 från 2 recensenter
  • Batteriprestanda (3)
    8.5 8.5 från 3 recensenter
  • Videokvalitet (3)
    8.5 8.5 från 3 recensenter
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  1. PC Advisor

    12 juli 2012

    The 18X-optical-zoom, Wi-Fi-enabled Samsung WB150F has a nice mix of creative modes for casual shooters, but its manual controls require a bit too much menu-diving Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  2. PhotographyBLOG

    22 april 2012

    Apart from compact system cameras and to a lesser extent DSLRs, one area of the digital camera market still on the upward curve, according to industry data, is that of the travel zoom. And just in the nick of time for the summer holidays, Samsung has let rip with the latest entrant in its 'wide and big' WB series. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  3. Pocket Lint

    19 april 2012

    When viewed purely as a higher-end compact, the Samsung WB150F is slightly above average: its photos and videos are decent and its big zoom is handy. It’s fairly idiot-proof on the usability front, and there are a handful of enthusiast-friendly modes for those that like to tweak. The Wi-Fi features, which should make the camera more appealing, aren’t quite as compelling as they appear on paper. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Big 18x optical zoom, decent image and movie quality, manual controls for enthusiasts
    • Some problems with Wi-Fi apps, Wi-Fi backup only works with Windows
  4. ePHOTOzine

    13 mars 2012

    The Samsung WB150F is the latest pocket zoom from Samsung and features an 18x optical zoom lens, 3 inch screen, 14 megapixel sensor and built in Wi-Fi for uploading and backing up photos amongst other things. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Easy to use, Wi-Fi will upload straight to Facebook, Impressive macro mode, 18x optical zoom lens, Bright colourful images
    • Could not get SkyDrive to work, Flash charge time, Purple fringing
  5. Stuff.tv

    17 april 2012

    The Samsung WB150F isn’t your average compact camera, for two reasons: first, there’s a large 18x optical zoom to get you closer to the action; and second, you get built-in Wi-Fi to make sharing your shots easier – a definite boon if you’re a cable-hater. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  • Användarrecensioner

  1. An average snap with the Samsung WB150

    Recensent: cr01, Ciao
    7 augusti 2013

    "...sunk £90 on a little Samsung to replace it. It’s a camera that gets a hard life in my pocket and risks being left on a table in puddles of beer, so I didn’t want to spend a fortune. ===Camera Samsung WB 150=== The Samsung WB 150 seemed to fit my requirements. I don’t want huge images that blow the memory on my PC and take ages to download (how often does one need to produce an A1 sized photo quality image anyway?) so the 14.2 megapixels on offer ... Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Easy to use and to carry .
    • Not exactly a "wow" camera .
  2. ... now I have mastered them it is a very good camera. Battery life not brilliant should have bought ...

    Recensent: Spiky, Amazon
    1 september 2014

    Took a while to get use to all the features but now I have mastered them it is a very good camera. Battery life not brilliant should have bought a spare. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  3. Cnet.co.uk

    Recensent: lou, Cnet.co.uk
    11 augusti 2013

    I bought this camera in the spare of the moment. As the wifi and size of the zoom impressed me and my old camera although still usable was hard to use as the brackets on the battery/sd card had broken away.my preious samsung camera,the S1030 was my first digital camera and the quality and sharpness of the pictures was excellent. it was perfect the same cant be said for the WB150f. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • being able to transfer pics to an android device via wifi
    • picture quality,sharpness, blurry images awkward zoom function
  4. focus

    Recensent: Taylor Perks, Amazon
    26 juni 2014

    I used this camera once. Emailed some pics to my family.. tried to use it again and the camera wouldn't work. Had a message saying "the zoom could not operate correctly. Insert battery again and turn the camera on. If the camera does not operate normally, do not put excessive pressure on it and contact the service center." I do not know how to contact seller directly. When I am told how to fix the problem and it works again I will leave a better review. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  5. Samsung WB150F SMART 14MP Digital Camera with 32GB Bundle

    Recensent: willie220, Overstock
    24 januari 2014

    The camera was a gift and my son was very happy with everything except a drive component which won't work on either his computer or mine. But, everything else was great. Except for this one thing I could have given it an excellent rating for everything in the bundle. The camera itself is an excellent product. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

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