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Fostex FR-2 LE

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  1. Pro Audio Review

    2 april 2009

    During the long, long wait for the Fostex FR-2LE stereo field recorder to wind its way to market, I was enamored by descriptions of a smaller, scaled-down version of the well-regarded (but bulky) Fostex FR-2.. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

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  1. Fantastic recorder!

    Recensent: Lee, B&H Photo
    17 februari 2014

    We have been using this recorder for on-site audio memoir recordings and the results are fantastic. We're using a pair of MXL mics to record our subjects. While editing, I can turn the volume all the way up during a quiet section and -- no noise -- awesome!!!<br />Easy to use, great on battery power. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Easy To Control, Easy To Set Up, Fast, Works Every Time
    • A Bigger Display, Small Display
  2. Fostex 24/96 portable recorder

    Recensent: Overstock
    8 maj 2009

    I've used the Fostex FR-2LE about a dozen times. Prior to this I recorded on Tascam and Sony DAT players, dating back to 1997. The Fostex is a great machine! Records on a Compact Flash card (I use an 8 gig card and have never had a problem with dropouts or diginoise). Note: you must format the card at the frequency rate you wish to record in (e.g. 16/48, 24/48, 24/96, etc)...this gave me fits when i first used machine. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

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