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  1. Good graphics card

    Recensent: MICHAEL G. PANAYIOTAKIS, Amazon
    7 april 2013

    Best performance/price ratio card imho. Good overclocker too. Still struggles with Crysis 3 though but which card doesn't.. 7970 is too expensive so this is a good solution for a couple of years.. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  2. MSI R7950 2PMD3GD5 Desktop Gaming Video Card

    Recensent: instinct, Amazon
    7 juni 2013

    I didn't get it on Amazon but if your thinking about one, I have seen much cheaper than this price. Ive seen cheaper than what I payed for it, but anyway its a good card though it runs hot under full load. I took off the cover because it was crashing playing Battlefield 3 and now it runs 30 Deg cooler. Huge difference. 180 Deg to 150. That's 82c to 67c for those that like Celsius. Huge. One star off for bad cooling. But its a easy free fix. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

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