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Plantronics Voyager Legend

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  • Användarbetyg (470)
    8.0 8.0 från 470 recensenter
  • Expertbetyg (2)
    8.0 8.0 från 2 recensenter
  • Prisvärdhet (64)
    8.5 8.5 från 64 recensenter
  • Funktioner (7)
    8.9 8.9 från 7 recensenter
  • Användarvänlighet (24)
    9.3 9.3 från 24 recensenter
  • Prestanda (6)
    9.7 9.7 från 6 recensenter
  • Ljudkvalité (2)
    9.7 9.7 från 2 recensenter
  • Komfort (30)
    9.6 9.6 från 30 recensenter
  • Kvalitet (57)
    8.5 8.5 från 57 recensenter
  • kompatibilitet (26)
    8.0 8.0 från 26 recensenter
  • Användbarhet (27)
    7.5 7.5 från 27 recensenter
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  1. TechRadar UK

    18 oktober 2012

    The last time we looked at a Plantronics Voyager headset it was the Plantronics Voyager Pro UC v2 , and though it was pricy we were seriously impressed with the quality. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  2. PC Magazine

    5 oktober 2012

    If you don't mind a larger Bluetooth headset, the Plantronics Voyager Legend is one of the best ones on the market today. It's comfortable to wear and sounds great. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Stellar sound quality. Near-perfect hardware and voice controls. Magnetic charging connector. Comfortable design.
    • Large. Mediocre wind resistance. Sensors don't always trigger properly.
  3. nikktech.com

    5 februari 2013

    If i said that i was taken off guard by the overall performance of the Voyager Legend i would be lying since its predecessors have already set the bar high enough so it's somewhat natural that Plantronics would only release something better, at least in terms of performance. Now i say this because it's quite evident (by my comparison) that the design of both the volume and power switches is inferior to that of the ones used in the Voyager Pro HD while the new magnetic... Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • - Build Quality, - Design (Overall), - Size / Weight (19g With The Eartip), - Audio Quality (Both Ends), - Tri-Mics With Wind Canceling Technology, - Caller Announce / Voice Commands, - Battery Life (Up To 6+ Hours Of Continuous Use), - Bluetooth 3.0 (A2DP/AVRCHP/HFP/HSP)
    • - Price (For Some), - Magnetic USB Connector (Harder To Replace)
  4. HEXUS

    2 januari 2013

    Plantronics has been producing high-quality headsets for about as long as we can remember, but the name of the latest - Legend - suggests that this is the best yet. Described simply as 'the world's smartest headset,' this £60 solution is geared toward professional users who demand comfort and top-notch call quality above all else. And that's an important differentiation to make. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  5. LittleTechGirl.com

    31 oktober 2012

    As for the Twitter party, it exceeded my expectations. Turnout was great. We had great conversations and everyone was very enthusiastic about sharing their quirks, advice, and experiences using their cellphones with and without Bluetooth earpieces. We talked about safety, convenience, and even law in terms of whether or not drivers in certain states are required to wear an earpiece when driving. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  • Användarrecensioner

  1. Bra och lättanvänt monoheadset - med godkänt ljud

    Recensent: twl, Pricerunner
    8 januari 2013

    Nu när priset gått ned väsentligt finns bara ett råd: köp. Sitter du i bil och på kontor är det en oförbehållsam rekommendation; är du ute mycket i kollektivtrafik och på gator och torg är ljudet alltid bra i högtalaren, men den du talar med har alltför ofta svårt att höra dig. Ibland hör folk olika bra olika samtal fast det är "samma" gata så att säga. Läs mer

  2. Prisjakt

    Recensent: Prisjakt
    5 februari 2013

    Köpte det i förra veckan och har använt det mer än jag först trodde. Ljudet är bra och att man kan ha det till både datorn och telefonen samtidigt är grymt för Lync & Skype. Röstkommandon är användbara och tillsammans med röststyrningen i mobilen är det guld. i övrigt bra passform, enligt mig en snygg design bra batteritid för klassen. Bra ljud både genom micken och i hörluren. Riktigt nöjd! Läs mer

  3. Excellent product

    Recensent: Jamie S, Apple
    1 september 2013

    I have bought many bluetooth headsets over the years and have found this one to be the very best. It syncs quickly, has very long standby and talk time and is a brilliant way to listen to audiobooks and podcasts without the hassle of cables. As I mentioned before, I have used many bluetooth headsets, all in the £50+ range from well known manufacturers, this is by far the best one I have used. It charges quickly, sounds great and is very comfortable. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  4. Stylish, Advanced, and Fully Featured

    Recensent: Ian Lee, B&H Photo
    3 veckor sedan

    The Voyager Legend is an absolute serious contender within the space of Bluetooth Headsets. Its technological sophistication and sleek design makes the Legend a force to be reckoned with.<br /><br />Visual: <br />One look at the Voyager Legend and you'll notice just how much more it stands out amongst its peers. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Clear Reception, Easy Controls, Stylish
    • Dust Magnet, Music Quality
  5. Excellent BT Headset

    Recensent: John F., Newegg
    24 november 2013

    I have heard that some folks are grumbling about the non-standard charger connection, but I've grown fond of the connection, so don't look for any complaints from me on that account. I especially like the positive magnetic connection. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • I came to this BT headset after my Plantronics Voyager Pro HD died after nearly two years of daily hard use. I settled on Plantronics BT headsets a few years ago after repeated disappointments with various other brands. My old Voyager Pro HD had excellent two-way audio and was very comfortable to wear. This new Voyager Legend takes this series of headsets to a whole new level. Paired with my Google Nexus 5, the audio is as good, or possibly even better, as my prior se...
    • The only minor nit that I have is that the battery life seems to be slightly shorter than my old Plantronics Voyager Pro HD, but not enough that I would deduct any eggs for it.
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