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Sennheiser PXC 250

The PXC 250 is a pair of closed, dynamic, supra-aural stereo min Läs mer

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Ergonomics and Function forgotten in what could have been a great product

A to the K, Amazon
29 september 2014
  • Summering: I bought these headphones as they promised not only portability, but also a high quality of sound. As a PRODUCT DESIGNER I was very disappointed and returned them the following day. Why? 1. ERGONOMICS While excellently made they have forgotten all about ergonomics. After about 20 minutes of wearing them I had pain around my ears and on the side of my head. A symptom of many on ear headphones which are simply scaled down over ear headphones.
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Sennheiser Noise Canceling Fold-Up Headphones - PXC250

Cyril, ReviewStream
26 juli 2014
  • Utdrag: The Sennheiser’s PXC 250 NoiseGards, work well in noise-cancelling mode to block low-frequency background noise. I’ve tried them on in many settings, ranging from routine workouts at the gym, to rock concert performances.
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Quality & Compact

Annetteg, Amazon
11 juli 2014
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Great headphones - really easy to fold up and put ...

D. Goldman, Amazon
3 juli 2014
  • Summering: Great headphones - really easy to fold up and put in a pocket, but I find mine brake after approx 8 months of use (I do use them everyday!). Perfect in the office for blocking out sound, or on the tube!
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Have always liked Sennheiser

Scott, Amazon
12 juni 2014
  • Summering: I cannot use in-ear headphones as my ears are too small. I have standard Sennheisers for home use but I like the noise cancelling ones for the train (and sometimes in the office!). My impression is that the build quality has improved over the years.
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Луценко Ростислав, Yandex
11 juni 2014
  • Utdrag: Не смотря на брендовость фирмы и блок шумоподавления, эти наушники сильно расстраивают и явно не стоят потраченных на них денег, у нас их собственно по этой причине и не завозят, что мало кто будет таскать с собой наушники + электронику с двумя акб + смарт или любой другой источник звука, в сумме это пол кило на теле, постоянно оттягиваемое проводами.
  • Fördelar: Их нет
  • Nackdelar: Очень много
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3 Years without a flicker.

J. Watkin, Amazon
9 juni 2014
  • Summering: I've had these headphones for the last 3 years (just got round to reviewing them now) and they're in use 3 or 4 times for a couple of hours at a time a week and they've performed beautifully since I first got them back in May 2011. The noise cancelling unit works tremendously well wherever you are and especially on trains or planes allowing you to more-or-less forget where you are and just enjoy your audio. Sound quality is very good with a good bass and clear tone.
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Great quality

Norm, Amazon
25 mars 2014
  • Summering: We now have two of these, bought three years apart. Both work beautifully and are always taken with us when we are flying as it changes a noisy place into a most enjoyable one. Easy to use and put away and as the first one is now more than three years old quite robust.
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Moderately effective against noisy bodily functions

HedgeHacker, Amazon
7 februari 2014
  • Summering: I bought a pair of these to try to make working in a noisy crowded office more tolerable. My conclusions so far: - Air conditioning noise, computer fan noise: very effective at screening out this low frequency noise. - Talking, shouting: partially effective at screening this out, particularly with co-workers with deep voices.
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12 months in and a total convert to noise cancelling headphones

Tony R, Amazon
15 januari 2014
  • Summering: As a frequent rail and air traveller,these were bought as a bit of a 'treat'. Since owning them though I have become totally sold on the benefits of noise cancelling headphones and these are, for me at least, the perfect travelling companion on weekly long distance rail /monthly air trips.
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