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Sony MDR-XB500

EXTRA BASS-hörlurar med stor 40 mm drivenhet. Tättslutande akust Läs mer

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L'obsolescence programmée tue ce produit...

Pardaillou, Ciao
2 veckor sedan
  • Summering: Ce casque aurait pu être parfait pour une utilisation en intérieur... le son est incomparable pour un casque vendu moins de 50€! Et selon mon humble avis, il n'y a rien de mieux que les gros casques circum-auriculaires pour écouter de la musique durant des heures... Mais pourquoi, pourquoi Sony a conçu un casque aussi fragile? Pourquoi ces coussinnets en skai qui sont partis en lambeaux en bout de 3 mois?
  • Fördelar: Qualité audio digne digne de casques à 150€, basses parfaites, confort
  • Nackdelar: Trop fragile :  coussinnets en miettes, plastiques de piètre qualité, arceau conçu pour ne pas durer
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Comfy and durable headphone with amazing sound quality

benhutchings, Amazon
5 februari 2014
  • Summering: I have had these headphones for just about 2 years now, absolutely no problems with them and the sound quality is amazing for the price. The padding on the top of the headphones makes it comfortable to wear for hours on end, and the headphone cushions are extremely comfortable too. The sleek adjustable length will fit any size head. I use these headphones at home as they are quite large, but they still fit into travel bags and my backpack well.
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Derek, Amazon
23 januari 2014
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Great Headphones

DS306, Amazon
22 november 2013
  • Summering: I have used these headphones for a few years and they worked perfectly all that time. They are amazing if you like bass, to me and some of my friends these are better than beats for the fact that they provide really nice, powerful bass. But it doesn't provide great clarity on the higher notes.
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цукерман, Nadavi
25 oktober 2013
  • Utdrag: Ухи норм,тока трохе не хватает высоких частот,кстате бас заметно хриповат,а так вполне сносная модель.До этого были панасы так я вам скажу Сони получше будут,это факт
  • Fördelar: Не давят на ухи
  • Nackdelar: Мало высоких частот
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Макс, Nadavi
17 oktober 2013
  • Utdrag: вообщем, на зиму у меня тёплые уши куплены ))
  • Fördelar: Представляете, в интернете и в магазинах закончился привоз этих абалденных наушником но я нашёл на днях в подземке !) да немного дороже но это лучшее по цене и качеству! и хожу довольный :)
  • Nackdelar: недостаток это то что при длительном использование в карманах одежды нарушается кабель у штекера
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xeyetic, eBay.de
2 oktober 2013
  • Summering: Ich hörte viel von den hoch gepriesenen „SONY MDR XB500“ Kopfhörern, die viel Bass und Tragekomfort versprachen. Eines Tages, hatte die Möglichkeit, sie bei einem Kollegen von mir zu testen, denn die sind mir durch die extrem großen Ohrpolter aufgefallen. Auf die Frage: „Sind Sie zu empfehlen?“, antwortete der Kollege nur: „Setz Sie auf!“ Komfort: Schon als ich sie mir aufsetzte, fühlten sie sich so leicht (trotz des Gewichts von ca.
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Great bass for gaming, music, everything!

Aeluthian, Amazon
19 september 2013
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Bassy, comfy, but not great sound quality.

S31, Amazon
6 september 2013
  • Summering: I bought these on the strength of wearing them in a shop and hearing them play some generic easy-listening music that I hadn't heard before. The strong bass and comfy feel convinced me to give them a go, but upon plugging them in to my own music players they were a little disappointing. The sound is pretty lacklustre with detail and tone sacrificed to feed the bass.
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C. Whiteway, Amazon
29 augusti 2013
  • Summering: Literally nothing is better than this, the sound quality from them is just unbelievable and they block out all external noise so you can use it as a excuse to ignore your parents. When I first opened the box I thought the wire would be to short but in reality it is not. Great for both music and films, wherever your preference. If you want a really good quality pair of headphones for a really good price, then I ask you buy these headphones.
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