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Olympus M. Zuiko Digital 17mm F2.8 Pancake

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  1. ePHOTOzine

    3 september 2012

    This compact pancake lens sports a fast f/2.8 maximum aperture and is compatible with all Micro Four Thirds cameras. The isn't equipped with in lens stabilisation ,which is typical for pancake lenses, but Olympus camera owners will be able to take advantage of their camera's in-body stabilisation system. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Very good sharpness overall, Good build quality, Lightweight, Compact, Reasonably priced
    • High levels of barrel distortion, High levels of CA
  2. PhotographyBLOG

    8 maj 2011

    With the lens attached to an Olympus E-P2 camera body, focusing is fairly quick but by no means instantaneous. As long as you are photographing still or slowly moving subjects, you will find the focusing speed entirely adequate. Note: given that Micro Four Thirds cameras use contrast-detect autofocus, whose speed also depends on their sensors' read-out speed, the lens may perform better on a different or future MFT body. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  3. digicambuyer.co.uk

    21 januari 2013

    It doesn’t feel and handle quite like a classic pancake lens, but the Olympus 17mm f2.8 makes up for it with its slim line design, light weight and high resolution. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  4. LensTip.com

    9 juli 2009

    Looking at the above list of pros and cons, you can see that the latter are quite a number. I guess it’s inevitable. You just can’t make a lens of these dimensions, these parameters that is free of aberrations. Alright, alright… Let’s say you can. Leica would probably do it, but then we’d have to pay not 300$ but 10 times more. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • chromatic aberration going from medium to large with stopping down,, very large distortion,, coma visible at the maximum aperture,, working against bright light could be better,, noticeable vignetting at the maximum aperture.
  5. What Digital Camera

    17 april 2010

    A 17mm wide angle Micro Four Thirds lens from Olympus Läs mer Översätt till svenska

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  1. Serious contender

    Recensent: Streetshooter, WEX
    4 maj 2011

    This is a superb lens!I recently bought an EPL-1 with a 14-42 zoom, which is good, but, this lens has turned the whole purpose of buying the camera on its head. I'm used to Canon full frame camera's with Canon EF L lenses, and bought the EPL-1 just as a "carry about" camera for anything and everything. I shoot pictures primarily for a well known image library, which my Canon's do well. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Consistent Output, Lightweight, Sharp Focus
    • No cons
  2. great little lens

    Recensent: Paul Stanyer, Amazon
    18 december 2012

    Really happy with this lens; it's nice and compact so perfect for when I just want a small unobtrusive camera to carry around, and pictures are effortlessly sharper than when using the supplied zoom lenses. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  3. Not much better than the 14-42mm lens

    Recensent: Yang, B&H Photo
    15 februari 2012

    I have used Olympus E-P1 with 14-42 mm lens for two years. I think it is a good camera to bridge the gap between DSLR and point-and shoot. Recently I would like to add a second lens with a larger aperture for better indoor pictures, so I bought this 17 mm f/2.8 lens. The fixed focal length was also expected to provide sharper images.Now I have taken a number of pictures with the this 17 mm f/2.8 lens. The pictures looked great. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Lightweight
    • Not as sharp as expected
  4. I got this from A& R photo

    Recensent: S. Yoon, Amazon
    1 vecka sedan

    I got this lens for my Panasonic GM-1. At first, on the Internet, this lens is underrated but somehow once I recieved it tested it, this lens produce very sharp images. Personally I think handling and rotation of the lens is quite nice. Although it is bit noisy when autofocus, but it does give a good job. If you are a student and you don't have budget on f1.7, I would recommend this. A&R photo is kindly to provide a lens hood, and all accessories you need. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  5. This lens suits me perfectly.

    Recensent: phil6152, Ebay
    2 veckor sedan

    I know that the F1.8 is regarded as a better lens, but it costs half as much again and it is 1 cm wider. I wanted a slim lens so that the E-M1 would still slip into my briefcase. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

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