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Sigma APO 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM

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  • Användarbetyg (1115)
    8.8 8.8 från 1115 recensenter
  • Expertbetyg (9)
    7.9 7.9 från 9 recensenter
  • Design (3)
    9.6 9.6 från 3 recensenter
  • Prisvärdhet (8)
    8.4 8.4 från 8 recensenter
  • Användarvänlighet (3)
    10 10 från 3 recensenter
  • Bildkvalitet (8)
    10 10 från 8 recensenter
  • Kvalitet (6)
    7.4 7.4 från 6 recensenter
  • Hastighet (2)
    9.3 9.3 från 2 recensenter
  • Användbarhet (3)
    8.9 8.9 från 3 recensenter
  • Byggkvalitet (2)
    7.2 7.2 från 2 recensenter
  • Storlek (5)
    10 10 från 5 recensenter
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  1. Trusted Reviews

    19 september 2011

    With a constant f/2.8 aperture, the professional-grade Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM makes a great upgrade to a standard zoom kit lens. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Constant aperture of f/2.8, Smooth zooming action, Delivers excellent results
    • Manual focus ring is fiddly, All-plastic outer construction, Resolution tails off above f/11
  2. photozone.de

    15 oktober 2009

    The Sigma AF 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC HSM OS is a highly competitive APS-C standard zoom lens and Sigma's best product in this class so far. It's not a flawless lens but none really is. Its biggest weakness is the performance at f/2.8 - the resolution in the image center is already exceedingly high here but the image corners are soft between 17-35mm and there's some vignetting at the extreme ends of the zoom range. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  3. ePHOTOzine

    12 november 2010

    On paper this lens look like a winner. The specification for the price is very good indeed. Although the resolution in the centre is usually good, the same cannot be said about the quality towards the edges, especially at wide apertures. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Excellent performance in the centre between 28 and 50mm when stopped down, Effective Optical Stabiliser, Compact and lightweight for an f/2.8 zoom
    • Lens really needs stopping down for best results, Sharpness towards the edges,, Focus ring cannot be disengaged
  4. LensTip.com

    30 juli 2010

    Originally posted 2010-07-29 on Optyczne.pl When digital cameras with APS-C/DX format sensors appeared on the market, it became obvious that sooner or later the optics manufacturers would have to face a problem of constructing the equivalent of a standard journalistic f/2.8 lens which, in the case of full frame, should have the focal lengths range from 24-28 mm to 70-75 mm. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • noticeable chromatic aberration at the shortest focal length,, a bit too high vignetting,, significant coma at 17 mm,, too simplified manual focus ring,, image quality at the maximum aperture, at the edge of the frame for shorter focal lengths could have been better.
  5. Photo answers

    2 januari 2010

    The distinctive rattle when we first lifted the lens up to the camera body made our hearts sink. Thankfully our initial fears were unfounded, as shooting at all focal lengths during our time at a local market showed impressive image quality throughout the frame, and reinforced the solid results we'd already found when we shot our test chart in the studio. With its near-silent focusing you could easily shoot away discreetly without anyone hearing a thing. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  • Användarrecensioner

  1. Fotosidan.se

    Recensent: Dessis, Fotosidan.se
    13 maj 2014

    Riktigt härligt objektiv, hittade det till ett bra pris, finns absolut inget att klaga på för de pengarna. Kvalitékänsla. Detta kommer nog bli min stora favorit. Läs mer

    • Snabbt, tyst, skarpt, byggkvalitén.
    • Inga
  2. Bra lins för det priset

    Recensent: Pixelfoto, NetonNet
    25 augusti 2014

    Har fått chansen att ta lite bilder under ett bröllop med denna. Den gör det den skall. Man får ok kvalité för det priset. Bra lins för priset. Läs mer

  3. Scandinavian Photo

    Recensent: Scandinavian Photo
    14 juli 2012

    Ett av mina favoritobjektiv till APS-C mycket pga stabilisatorn. Tyvärr halvkass autofokus i dåligt ljus. Har överlevt ett par vintrar. Lätt att få damm i objektivet pga konstruktion vilket kan ge ful bokeh. Zoomringen gick sönder under semestern. Läs mer

  4. Probably the best lens in its price bracket

    Recensent: J. J. Scott "Jenny Scott", Amazon
    1 oktober 2014 Se produkten hos Amazon (3424 kr)

    I have a Canon 600D. I also have the 17-55 kit lens from my old Digital Rebel, the plastic fantastic Canon 50mm 1.8 and the sublime Canon 85mm 1.8. The 50mm 1.8 was a huge step forward, but the 85mm 1.8 showed me just how good a good lens can make your photos. Suddenly people say "wow" rather than "hmm" when they look at my pictures, particularly if they are in them. But much as I have tried, I obviously can't use the 85mm all the time. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

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