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Targus XL City.Gear Rolling Notebook Case

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  • Användarbetyg (51)
    8.7 8.7 från 51 recensenter
  • Prisvärdhet (13)
    9.6 9.6 från 13 recensenter
  • Komfort (7)
    9.5 9.5 från 7 recensenter
  • Hållbarhet (7)
    9.2 9.2 från 7 recensenter
  • Kvalitet (7)
    9.2 9.2 från 7 recensenter
  • Utseende (7)
    9.8 9.8 från 7 recensenter
  • Kapacitet (7)
    9.8 9.8 från 7 recensenter
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  1. Dustin home

    Recensent: Dustin home
    22 september 2008 Se produkten hos Dustin Home (1190 kr)

    Sitbra väskan vettu, inga roblem! Snygg och många fack...lute tung men det klarar man. Rekommenderas! Läs mer

  2. One of a kind

    Recensent: Tito, targus.com
    18 oktober 2012

    My third TCG717 is on its way. As an active caseholic and after been here and there playing around with a bunch of cases during years (10), I've come up to a conclussion: TARGUS RULES! And this rolling case is by far the best I've owned ever. Simply does not exist a thing compared to this case. And now that has been re-designed... Even better. Please recieve my most sincere gratitude, and keep up the good work! P.D. Please ship to Mexico! Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • everything!
    • are you serious?
  3. Walmart

    Recensent: rbwriter, Walmart
    19 juni 2014

    I have a slightly oversized 17" laptop and it has been a challenge to find a rolling bag that fits the computer and is not a large heavy bag. This one seems to do the trick. I had another bag that lasted about 1 year, not a Targus. The wheels wore out on that one after a full year of being dragged through the streets of a city. Let's hope this one lasts longer. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

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