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  1. ExcaliberPC

    15 februari 2014

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  1. Intel excellence

    Recensent: Danny Silvester, Amazon
    3 veckor sedan

    I first learned about this product via specialist internet forums where it was always mentioned as the gold standard in single gigabit ethernet cards. Even with all the hype, it is all that I was expecting and then some! Thanks to this device, I'm now able to download from Steam at 19MB/S and my gaming pings are usually around 4ms. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  2. misco.co.uk

    Recensent: Misco Customer, misco.co.uk
    10 april 2011

    I purchased this NIC for VMWare Hypervisor testing and wasn't disappointed. Very good product and seems to be the only one compliant with vmware esxi 4.1/5. Very quick, well packaged and as they say ''does what it says on the tin''. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  3. NCIX.com

    Recensent: Mark_L, NCIX.com
    22 januari 2014

    Upgraded from the PCI version of this card (the GT) to this. Tested speeds with iperf (simultaneous bidirectional test). Speeds went from 309 - 352 Mb/s on the GT to 903 - 934 Mb/s on this. Speed test is extremely stable over 3 tests, looks like a hard limit somewhere. Though even most enthusiasts will never use them, this card comes with many enterprise-class features - some of which are accessible through its own boot ROM which will come up on boot. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • True gigabit speed, no bottlenecks, Full feature set, Complete indicator LEDs, Low cost, Low profile card, comes with a low-profile bracket
    • None
  4. Constant cable unplugged messages

    Recensent: J S Phillips, Amazon
    2 veckor sedan

    The headline says it all. Windows XP gave constant error messages. Windows 7 had delays in all phases of networking but no error messages. Replaced it with an older card from an obsolete PC and now have a fast connection. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  5. Great inexpensive add-on with high compatibility

    Recensent: Mr. N/A, Mwave.com
    22 februari 2012

    Great option - pick a couple up just to have on-hand if you can get them at a good final price and/or with FS. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Effortless install for Windows 7, leaps-&-bounds better than onboard gigabit Realtek for Linux users. Could really come in handy for someone needing to upgrade onboard 10/100 Fast Ethernet for an OEM motherboard on a retail PC - shocking how many of the mid-range ones are still being shipped with FE, and this is a great way to avoid going up $100 for higher models just to get effective gigabit ethernet.
    • Bought this with outside hopes of somehow getting LACP / simple trunking set up with onboard Realtek - as a reviewer on another site said that it suppported 802.11ad - but I have yet to find a script for it, or even for setting it up with an Intel NIC, for that matter.
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