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Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter

Staffan, cdon.se
7 december 2014
  • Summering: Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter är galet bra för pengarna. Sedan jag köpte mitt första Intel NIC för ett antal år sedan har jag märkt att oavsett om det är budgetkort eller dyrare serverkort det gäller så är det just Intel som gäller - stödjs i de flesta system, inte bara Windows, funkar direkt, massor med inställningar som teaming etc. Till det låga priset 249 finns det dessutom ingen ursäkt för att snåla.
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Five Stars

venenum1316 "xffx", Amazon
31 december 2014
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Works with FreeNAS in N36L

Wez, Amazon
30 december 2014
  • Summering: Ordered to go into an HP Proliant N36L as the on-board HP NIC doesn't support WOL with FreeNAS. The card came with the half height adapter which was easily swapped and after adding the wol_magic option to the interface in FreeNAS it worked straight away. Delivery was excellent too as I placed the order on 29th Dec on the free 3-5 day delivery and it arrived next day!
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Very good card

John R Rhoades, Amazon
27 december 2014
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It worked so good that I if it was single and at a ...

Crazy Dave, Amazon
4 december 2014
  • Summering: Installed in Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) when the computer booted up and I logged it, it instantly found the device and installed the driver. I am using this so I can connect to two networks at once. Setup was a breeze, the DHCP assigned it an address right away to 2nd network, and away I went networking and networking. It worked so good that I if it was single and at a networking event.... I would have hooked up with the bosses daughter, wife and mom.
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You too can run ESXi 5.1 on a Dell desktop machine (not that it is something you want to make a habit of...)

T. Wiz "WZR", Amazon
2 december 2014
  • Summering: I needed to use a Dell OptiPlex 9010 as a test ESXi 5.1 host. The Dell's onboard NIC was not recognized. I bought this adapter, put it in the slot and fired up the ESXi 5.1 install. No problems at all - just auatomatgically installed and works great.
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Slight price premium for a trusted Intel component. Works great.

aSimpleMan, Amazon
2 december 2014
Totalbetyg 9

goede netwerk adapter perfect merk

vincent ooms, computerstore.nl
20 oktober 2014
  • Summering: Goed internet en werkt perfect is makkelijk te monteren doet het gelijk is een echte aanrader en dat voor zo'n lage prijs echt top
  • Fördelar: internet kabel doet het gelijk, makelijk te plaatsen, lage prijs
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Could not get to work under Windows 8.1

James Van Lommel, Amazon
14 oktober 2014
  • Summering: I could not get the card to work properly on Windows 8.1 x64. Intel has stated it is only offering "In Box Support" for this card - not full support - which means drivers downloaded from their site will *not* work under Windows 8.1. (Windows 8.0 is okay.) Even manually downloading the drivers and point Windows at them will not work. (Search for "Is my Intel Ethernet Adapter supported in Microsoft Windows 8.1".
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Schnelle und gute Karte

Shineon, geizhals.de
27 september 2014
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