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Netgear WN604

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    7.5 7.5 från 70 recensenter
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    7.0 7.0 från 18 recensenter
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    6.1 6.1 från 8 recensenter
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    6.1 6.1 från 8 recensenter
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    6.5 6.5 från 8 recensenter
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    6.8 6.8 från 6 recensenter
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  1. Strong Signal

    Recensent: Edric Tong, Amazon
    18 timmar sedan

    Very reliable and surprised with how strong the signal is. I bought this to install in my kitchen and extend my wireless range. Used primarily to connect to an outdoor wireless security camera. Since signal is strong I tend to use it for my tablet over my primary wireless router. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  2. Major letdown

    Recensent: BlueFire C., Newegg
    11 september 2012

    I did not expect this product to perform all that well in the speed department given that it was wireless-N 150, but I needed an access point that would be hardwired to a main router and provide wireless access in a dead zone. I didn't plan on heavy streaming, just casual access with iPhones and the occasional laptop. The only reason this isn't a 1-star review is due to the easy setup and friendly interface. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Nice admin interface, setup is easy, admin menus provide explanations of options for anything you would like to explore before changing
    • Simply does not perform, period. The N signal was available throughout most of my house despite only needing it in a certain area, but devices would connect and have internet access for about 5 minutes before the connection dropped completely. Changing the channel, output power, channel bandwidth, etc. had no impact. Even without channel interference, this device just wouldn't allow 2 iPhones to access the internet without being bounced after 5 minutes or so. Complete...
  3. Worked as it should. Good value

    Recensent: Coop,, TigerDirect.com
    29 december 2012

    It installed seamlessly to an Actiontec single port DSL modem. The four ports were handy since my ISP only offered a single port modem. It has all of the normal features that I expected. It has about the same range as a typical wireless router so don't expect huge coverage but it covers a small single story home nicely. Very pleased with it. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  4. Poor reception

    Recensent: Geoff, dabs.com
    4 juli 2012

    I bought this to replace my old wireless access point, thinking it would provide much better reception and coverage in my home. Whilst setup was easy, and it supports the latest levels of security, the strength and coverage of the signal is far worse than my older model. The aerial is also hard wired, so you cannot boost the signal by attaching a better aerial. Very disappointing product from Netgear. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  5. Walmart

    Recensent: MyDickies, Walmart
    7 mars 2012

    Amazing product for a very reasonable price.. easy to set up and lots of extra features. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

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Built in 4 port 10/100 switch for adding extra devices such as PC, printer, or web camera Extra performance boost when connected to Wireless-N devices Greater speeds allow you to surf, email, stream music, play on-line games, make Internet phone calls, and more.

  • Works with new Wireless-N notebooks and supports Wireless-G

  • Great for gaming and video streaming with WMM traffic prioritizing

  • Use as a client or a bridge between access points

  • Easy to configure busine…


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