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  1. Great for HTPC

    Recensent: John S., Newegg
    7 februari 2014

    I have tried a dozen different HTPC mini keyboards and this one is my favorite. The trackball and mouse keys, scroll wheel are in comfortable places. It lights up bright for night time use. It has great battery life. I use rechargeable's and swap then about once a month before they die out. All mini's have compromises but this one is strong in features where it needs to be strong. Still working after 3 years of heavy use. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • This is great for HTPC use. It's back-lit keys are easy to see at night and the trackball works great. It has forward and back keys and a scroll wheel on the left side that actually works great with the side of your thumb. It has great range. It has a cover that protects it and puts it in standby mode.
    • The biggest con is the trackball doesn't remove for cleaning. After a year it stopped responding well. I blew compressed air from my air compressor into it and that fixed it. After a while that stopped working and I was going to toss it. Instead I soaked a cotton ball with alcohol and cleaned the ball. Letting the alcohol seep behind the ball as I turned it, then blew it out again and now it works great again. Every trackball should be removable so I docked this keybo...
  2. perfect for want I wanted it for

    Recensent: Kathleen P. Kleinmann, Amazon
    28 december 2013

    This works great and spares me from using the slow on board screen on my smart TV. I don't plan to use my smart TV for real computer work; I have plenty of other devices for that. This is just to help me to use the Apps for movies, browsing the internet, and just relaxing kind of stuff. Smaller than I expected and bigger than a smart phone keyboard. Like the auto-on that makes it work as soon as I open the cover. Very very handy device. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

  3. Great Mini HTPC KB

    Recensent: Kendrick, Mwave.com
    7 juni 2011

    So this is an ideal KB for the HTPC environment. It comes with a TINY usb receiver nicely designed. Pretty sweet MCE keys. It also has this auto-sensor backlit feature... Blue Light.. Pretty neat for movie nights. The size is great. DPI is adjustable.. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Super Compact. Adjustable DPI, Backlit
    • NA
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