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D-Link DWA-160

Wireless N-teknik på 2 valbara frekvenser: 2.4GHz eller 5GHz * Läs mer

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An average Wi-Fi adapter.

Good Gear Guide.au
12 januari 2010
  • Summering: Those looking to enable Wi-Fi on their computer or upgrade to a dual band setup may find this adapter useful. However, those hoping to improve on their integrated dual band component should probably look elsewhere.
  • Fördelar: Dual band operation, detailed Wireless Connection Manager
  • Nackdelar: Large, poorly implemented WPS, relatively poor speeds, no Mac OS X support
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3 december 2009
  • Utdrag: When looking for networking hardware, D-Link is the first name that comes to mind for many people. They have a well established reputation for versatility and innovation. Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner D-Link DWA-160 Xtreme N is an excellent dual band wireless adapter that meets the requirements of the high speed Wi-Fi n standard. For other top rated products in this category, check out our Wireless Adapter review site.
  • Fördelar: Excellent range and speed. Dual band technology reduces the chance of interference.
  • Nackdelar: Compatible only with Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems.
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D-Link DIR-855 e DWA-160: Wireless alla massima potenza

9 juni 2009
  • Utdrag: La definizione, nei primi mesi del 2007, della versione provvisoria dello standard 802.11N ha dato nuova vita ai produttori di dispositivi wireless, ormai legati da troppi anni ...
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