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Netgear N300 DGN2200M

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humanduman, Prisjakt
17 januari 2012
  • Summering: Produkten saknade stöd för Huawei E367-modemet trots att det fanns uppgifter om att detta modem skulle stödjas. Netgears telefonsupport fixade special-firmware från USA, som ordnade problemet, men som inte fanns att ladda ner officiellt. Därefter fungerar den bra. Men om du har Huawei E367 måste du förmodligen ringa supporten och få nytt firmware, i vart fall i skrivande stund, 17 januari 2012.
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Dont buy this..

Munroe Mike, Amazon
6 september 2014
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Excellent Buy

Cal71, amazon.in
29 juli 2014
  • Summering: Had picked up this one after a fair deal of research and have found the product quite satisfactory. The boot up is fast and the connectivity fairly strong. However, as my place is large, over 2700 sft, have also invested in a Netgear Extender to ensure connectivity across all parts of the house uniformly, since my modem is placed in an inside room.
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Great Router to Own and use

Nitin Gupta, amazon.in
31 maj 2014
  • Summering: This router is good enough for house which is having roughly size of under 2200 sq ft. Signal strength is nice, even with no line of sight, thick walls, am able to see 80% signal strength. I am using Airtel Broadband ADLS2+ and it works absolutely fine with it, It's always better to run modem with updated firmware.
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Netgear N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router Mobile Broadband Edition

MJH_Jsy, Amazon
23 maj 2014
  • Summering: I have previously used Netgear routers with limited success. This one has the benefits of n rated speed and coverage. It works well with iphones, iPad, smart TV, and laptop. The set up was not too bad either, but I would make sure you have all the settings from your old router printed out before you install this one.
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Ashu Vethiya, Naaptol
10 maj 2014
  • Summering: The setup and installation was easy. I connected the router as per the installation diagram shown in the installation manual and ran the router setup page from, also updating the firmware to latest version from the upgrade option provided on the installation page. The performance : I am happy with the performance of the router. It works perfectly well for my 1BHK home. I connected my pc and 2 mobiles on it.
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A. Jenkinson, Amazon
23 mars 2014
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Didn't work!

colinh, Amazon
13 februari 2014
  • Summering: Unfortunately this router wouldn't work and, when I first unpacked it, it had scratches on the stand and finger prints on the casing. Very quick return and refund was organised.
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Great Router

Richard, Amazon
29 december 2013
  • Summering: I have always used Netgear routers and have had no complaints with the old one we have replaced - it has worked constantly and without fault for over 5 years and is only being replaced to get the benefits of n rated speed and coverage. Having finally got it set up it works a treat but beware, the set up was not straight forward and after much trial and error I had to contact my ISP to get certain settings.
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Be very careful

Mr. P. Shepherd, Amazon
24 december 2013
  • Summering: Have now had 2 of these and both have burnt out. There is nothing wrong with my power supply (smoothed and protected). Smell for a while and then no internet. I'm now back with an old Netgear which I have had for several years, just wanted something a little quicker but not worth the risk of burning the house down. It could be just a bad batch but it does seem that more and more electrical equipment only last a short while. Be careful.
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