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Corsair CMFUSB2016GB

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    3.2 3.2 från 8 recensenter
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    8.7 8.7 från 16 recensenter
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  1. SweClockers.com

    30 april 2007

    Usb-minnen har numera en sådan kapacitet att de lätt kan bli ett bra alternativ för att transportera en större mängd data och vi skall nu se närmare på Corsairs Flash Voyager GT som har en minnestorlek på 8 GB. Det sitter två minneskretsar på Voyager GT och för att öka prestandan fördelas informationen mellan dessa på ett sätt som påminner om raid 0 för hårddiskar. Läs mer

  2. Overclock3D

    17 juni 2009

    Having read the last page, you're probably expecting the conclusion to be quite so-so, since the performance was not particularly mind-blowing.  However, something you really need to bear in mind when buying a USB drive is the enclosure itself. The OCZ Throttle for example, delivers similar performance through USB, even more when connected with eSata, yet costs around the same price. So, why buy the Corsair? Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Zilch
  3. Channel5

    19 februari 2008

    The Corsair Voyager is by no means the toughest USB stick around, but in reality it provides more than enough protection than most of us will ever need. Decent performance and good value for money are important real-world strengths, and combine to make the Voyager a ruggedised USB stick that ticks all the right boxes. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Just because you want a bit of extra protection for your files doesn't mean you need a USB stick that can survive three weeks of abuse in the Amazon. Don't get us wrong – the shock- and water-proof Voyager is no shrinking violet, but by keeping the rugged credentials to sensible levels the Voyager manages to be considerably more affordable than most of its rivals.
    • While the Voyager's semi-ruggedness appeals for the most part, there are some flaws. The rubber cap that protects the USB connector isn't attached to the main body in any way, making it easy to lose. And while the middle-of-the-road approach makes it a strong all-rounder, it also leaves it lacking knockout appeal in any particular area.
  4. techPowerUp!

    6 januari 2006

    The strongest point of the Corsair FlashVoyager USB lineup is definitely their ruggedness. I had a really great time during this review, while trying to break the stick. As long as you do not expose the stick to really high temperatures and do not put it into the microwave, everything else you can do to it during daily life, will not break it. Not only can the stick take a lot of beating it also offers solid read and write performance. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Almost indestructible, Rugged rubber casing, Fast, USB extension cable included, Software included, Lifetime Warranty
    • Cap could get lost, Expensive, Rubber attracts a lot of dust, High Access time
  5. gadgetsteria.com

    7 mars 2009

    Flash memory is falling in price faster than Michael Jackson’s bank account to a point where you can now economically replace your standard mechanical computer hard drive with solid state drives (SSD).  Flash drives, because they are smaller, will always cost slightly more than their more “desktop” sized counterparts as miniaturized parts require special development and manufacturing. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

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  1. Mycket bra USB minne. 16gb Corsair Flash Voyager.

    Recensent: marcus_mg, Ciao
    4 september 2013

    Har haft USB minnet snart tre år och har aldrig haft några problem överhuvudtaget. USB minnet är USB 3.0 och kan därför överföra filer i minst 10mb/s. Trots att jag åtskilliga gånger har glömt eller inte kunnat göra en säker borttagning av maskinvara har det aldrig lett till sämre funktion av minnet. Hållbarheten är väldigt bra. Är väldigt stöttåligt med skydd av gummit. Det håller förmodligen i många år. Läs mer

    • Snabba överföringar, bra utrymme, lång hållbarhet, bra design .
    • Lite tjockt, målfilsystemet, faktiskta utrymmet .
  2. Hänger med fortfarande!

    Recensent: Rikard Johansson, Komplett.se
    8 oktober 2012 Se produkten hos Komplett (199 kr)

    Köpte detta Minnet för ganska exakt 2år sedan. Har fungerat klockrent och fungerar fortfarande. Rekommenderas verkligen! Läs mer

  3. Dustin home

    Recensent: Dustin home
    16 februari 2011 Se produkten hos Dustin Home (175 kr)

    bra Läs mer

  4. CORSAIR Flash Voyager 16 GB USB Flash Drive

    Recensent: C.L., Pixmania
    12 juli 2012

    Just Purchased 2 off 16 GB Corsair USB for use with sons Xbox 360S. Price was competative with Amazon but I was initial nearly put off by delivery quote of 5-10 work days! However, took a chance & placed order & received goods within 4 work days so was pleased with delivery. Tested quality using H2Testw-1.4 software & was pleased with identical test results of 24 / 6 MByte/s Read / Write values for both USB's. So good quality as expected. Plus works fine with the Xbox ! Läs mer Översätt till svenska

    • Quality & Service as Expected !
    • Initial nearly put off by delivery quote of 5-10 work days!
  5. shop.bt.com

    Recensent: Garry Hadlow ., shop.bt.com
    3 augusti 2007

    The product itself is good!! Ordered one 3 weeks ago when told on the site 1-3 days!! Lol. Product is worth the money. I've seen it a lot more expensive ones so overall quite good. Läs mer Översätt till svenska

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