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Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0

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Michael O., Newegg
2 veckor sedan
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Nimaa S., Newegg
3 veckor sedan
  • Summering: Package arrived exactly as described and before predicted. Beautiful and resiliant, this flash drive met all of my physical expectations. It is big, but I knew that. Not a problem. Unobtrusive, but visible, status LED. Arrived completely functional unlike some reviews. Below are test results.
  • Fördelar: • Solid design
  • Nackdelar: • Some people may not like the design (I.E. weight, dimensions, or open end)
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Totalbetyg 10


Rebecca T., Newegg
22 juni 2014
Totalbetyg 4

Upset Kingston Fan

Andrew S., Newegg
27 januari 2014
  • Summering: I am a fan of Kingston flash drives and I have several drives. I wouldn't not recommend this drive. I would just chalk this dead one up to 1 out of 1000 just being duds and if you buy enough of a product you will eventually get a broken one.
  • Fördelar: This flash drive has an awesome outer casing that is perfect for putting on a key chain
  • Nackdelar: I had this drive for just under a week and it died on me. It showed no space on it. My PC (and a few other PC's with a wide range of OS's) would recognized it but if you tried to click on it, it would ask you to insert the drive.
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Totalbetyg 10

BIG thumb drive

Nelson V., Newegg
16 oktober 2013
  • Summering: While there are many other choices for the 32Gig size range Kingston has a known record for reliability.
  • Fördelar: I've used plenty of thumb drives but this one is sooo sweet!
  • Nackdelar: The size is a bit much but you get use to it and at times come to appreciate it when in a hurry and almost forget to remove it from a USB port..
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Totalbetyg 8

Very fast, very large

Andrew P., Newegg
4 oktober 2013
  • Fördelar: Very fast drive. No cap to lose. Lanyard loop to put it on a keychain. Works very well on an Xbox 360 however it is too wide to fit into the ports on the back. Have to plug it into the front.
  • Nackdelar: Very wide - should fit into many USB ports without an issue, but if you have a lot of USB ports crammed together it might not fit.
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Или брак или Kingston уже не тот

denizdeniz75, Onliner
17 september 2013
  • Summering: Хоть она и пропала из продажи, но хочу предостеречь народ от покупки данной модели. Купился на обзоры и отзывы, что если не считать крупного размера, то флешка просто замечательная. Так и было первые полгода, затем она непонятно почему начала сильно греться (по непонятной причине), поработает минут 5-10 и больше не определяется пока не остынет, и даже сожгла один порт в ПК (USB 3 кстати). Пробовал вылечить ее фирменными утилитами для чипа, но не вышло.
  • Fördelar: Скорость хороша
  • Nackdelar: Габариты, очень греется
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Totalbetyg 10

Very fast

Dan H., Newegg
20 augusti 2013
Totalbetyg 8

Speedy sucker

Christine A., Newegg
7 juni 2013
  • Summering: It would be very helpful if Newegg was consistent in listing features of like products. For example, you will notice that on some USB flash drives, any mention of speed is omitted, so it is much harder to compare apples to apples.
  • Fördelar: I have tested several USB 3.0 drives over the last several weeks and this is one of the fastest drives for the money. I had tested Team, Patriot, and Silicon Power flash drives along with the poor excuse for a USB 3.0 flash drive, the entry level Kingston (100 G3) which is barely faster than a Kingston USB 2.0 drive.
  • Nackdelar: The plastic inside case is a white color which may get dirty in time. It would have been better if the white was a gray color for example.
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Totalbetyg 8

Speedy but bulky

Gregory S., Newegg
6 maj 2013
  • Summering: I found the PQI 32g USB 3.0 device to offer similar performance in a smaller and *much* lighter package.
  • Fördelar: Good speed, not a bad price. I reformatted with HFS+, and turned off journaling. A USB flash drive doesn't need journaling, it's sneakernet. In my testing, I got around 55MB/sec write, around 165MB/sec read, very respectable.
  • Nackdelar: The device is very bulky and heavy for what it does. To get USB 3.0 working, I had to move my laptop protective cover out of the way, as it has to sit flush on the usb connection to use USB 3.0. It also shows up as 31.44MB rather than 32MB.
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